Laughter is Contagious, and Truly the Best Medicine

1 Apr

Are you having a bad day? Because if these 4 guys don’t cheer you up, I am not sure what will.



I have watched this video a ridiculous amount of times, but can never help but smile. Studies show that laughter is contagious, but more importantly, healthy. The benefits of laughing are endless. It not only eases stress and anxiety but it also improves ones mood.

Ways to create opportunities for laughter are much easier than you think. Besides watching a funny TV show, or reading the funny pages of the New York Times, you can go to a Laughter Yoga class. Yup, you read it right. It’s a yoga class that focusses on breathing and “Laughing for no reason”. If you’re curious to find out more, go to

This is a must-see. John Cleese attends a Laughter Yoga session in Mumbai, India – and really seems to like it.


So come on people, keep smiling.


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